Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore is a state monopoly that owns and operates three lotteries – Toto, 4D, and Singapore Sweep. It generates funding for social and charitable causes and facilitates the sale of lottery tickets.

A new study has found that gambling participation in Singapore remained stable during the circuit breaker period, with wagers on horse races and sports betting up 65 per cent on the previous year’s figures. The Tote Board also collected S$125 million in casino entry levies last financial year, 10 per cent more than the S$114 million that was collected during the circuit breaker.

The top lottery in Singapore is Toto, a standard 6/49 game with rolling jackpots that start at S$1 million but can be much higher. To win the jackpot, you have to pick six numbers from a pool of 49 and match all of them for the draw.

In addition to the jackpot prize, there are 7 other prize tiers that include prizes of a fixed amount or a percentage of the total prize pool. The odds of winning a prize are 1 in 54.

If you are thinking of playing the Toto lottery, be sure to check the rules carefully before making your purchase. If you have any questions, contact Singapore Pools’ customer service line.

You can play Toto at any of its 300 outlets, or you can buy online for Singapore residents only. The minimum cost of a ticket is one dollar, including GST, but you can spend more money to get some added privileges.