Lottery Singapore Site Signs New Deal With IGT

Lottery Singapore

Singapore Pools is the only legal gambling provider in Singapore. It offers a wide range of products, including 4Digits, Toto, Sweep, football and motor racing. They encourage players to stay responsible. If they gamble with an unlicensed or illegal operator, they can be jailed for up to six months or fined up to SGD10,000.

Singapore’s Tote Board oversees the lottery. The game’s format changed in 1997, when it was moved from five/49 to six/45. In addition, it introduced a new prize tier, which gives higher prizes to lower tier winners.

IGT Global Services signed a six-year contract with Singapore Pools to provide the lottery system. Aurora Anywhere, an external application that connects to the core lottery system, is being deployed. This will allow customers to access the lotteries through a secure gateway.

As part of their agreement, IGT will provide lottery services via their subsidiary’s central lottery system, Aurora. The company’s central system will support significant daily transactions.

IGT’s relationship with Singapore Pools began in 1986, when they were awarded an exemption under the Remote Gambling Act 2014. It continued with a six-year contract, during which time the company received a new lottery system from IGT, which is known as Aurora.

With the easing of restrictions, betting on lotteries and sports jumped 40%. Sports bets surpassed $9.2 billion, the biggest spending on the two in the past decade.

According to the Tote Board, the increase in betting was due to the removal of COVID-19 restrictions, which made gambling legal in the country.